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    Improvements in v1.3
  • Taking over buildings with engineers (a bug that appeared in v1.2)
  • Units evading being shot at do not anymore ruin the previously created formation
  • Fixed saboteurs entering buildings
  • Fixed technician entering silos
  • Fixed CD-DA with device names that start with a number (ie. 1230scsi.device ) Improvements in 1.2:
  • Fixed taking over enemy command center -- you can build their factories
  • Clicking RMB on the radar display will deselect units/buildings as if clicking on the battlefield
  • Nicer looking selection of units (frames zoom in)
  • Nicer looking rockets
  • G key now works on repair yards, as well.
  • Z key now works outside control panel, too
  • Right-side of the screen scroll area hotspot trimmed down so it wouldn't interfere with the control panel
  • Fixed selecting of damaged units
  • Fixed crashing on exit and overall stability